Experiences Matter. Reveel Makes Them Happen.

Top 3 Reasons To Use Reveel:

  1. Post your activities to get others to join
  2. Find interesting activities, like-minded people, or places
  3. Live a fun and more active life

Top 4 Benefits When You Attend An Activity Or Event:

  1. Once you attend an event you keep the event, Nexus, photos, videos and messages in your Library
  2. Prevent FOMO
  3. Retrieve highly sought after and exclusive content
  4. Increase your Nexus

What’s Nexus?

Each time you attend an event, you connect with everyone else that also attended that event. We call that collection of people your Nexus! Through Nexus, you can connect with those who do the same things as you. Reach out to them and be friends or just attend another hap with them.