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Connecting you with people and activities you love, locally

Technology should truly embrace our social needs and behaviors. Reveel listened to what people wanted. We power activities through your interests and curate fun events that you will love.



Ever notice that other social platforms send you a video or picture after your friend has already had or started their fun? Which makes it too late for you! Not fair, right? Reveel gives you the opportunity to find an activity or event, so you can be a part of it and say goodbye to FOMO. 


What Can You Experience?

Absolutely anything

Create and attend any activity you can think of, on demand! Nothing is too small or too big for Reveel. Ever wonder if there are other people who want to play basketball or poker, unwind with lunchtime yoga, or even learn how to knife-throw? Well, just hop on Reveel and find something that interests you. Want to start a study group? Do it – post and see how many join you. There are plenty of people nearby looking for something fun to do, just like you!


What Should You Do?

Whatever you want! Think it, then find it or post it, and watch people join you

As you use Reveel, you can update and modify your Interests Manager, personalize what you “Always Do” down to what you “Never Do”. We will help you find your friends, develop your Nexus, and even make some “part-time” friends, all through new and fun activities nearby. Simply update your interests based on your mood, and leave the rest to Reveel.


What Will Reveel Do For You?

Get rewarded for attending events and activities!

When you attend an event, you are rewarded with access to everyone else who went! Reveel also curates all of the photos, videos, and content uploaded at a Reveel event and curates it into albums for everyone to enjoy. Users who host events on Reveel can leave hidden content (aka digital gifts) for other to unlock one people attend. Hidden content is highly sought after and exclusive – so don’t miss out!

Let’s talk about “Nexus” – our unique and innovative feature that allows you to connect with new people! Every time you go to an event through Reveel, you can see everyone who attended too. You can reach out to people in your Nexus any time, and join them on other experiences. Nexus helps you remove social barriers, allowing you to find people interested in the same things as you.


“Part-time” friends

We know you have your friends and you love them, but what about when you want to do something they don’t or can’t? Well now you can find other people, who like the same things you do, and hang out with them for those activities. Yup, welcome to “part-time” friends.




An activity or event posted on Reveel.



Any Photo, Video, Song or Message posted on Reveel.



Other users that have attended the same Haps that you have. Helping you meet like-minded people and reducing social barriers.

Reveel – Connecting People, Places And Activities!

“Real Activities Posted By People, For People, Happening Now & Nearby”


We use technologies which embrace the human element, for experiences to engage our innate behaviors.

Patent Info:
Patents Pending and Patent: US 9,275,074